product: weleda natural deodorant

grey et al weleda wild rose deodorant review 1 grey et al weleda wild rose deodorant review 2When it comes to food, I am all for organic, naturally raised products.  But for beauty products, eh.  Sure, I probably should care more, but I’m happy with my current routine and we all know how much of a pain it is to build one that works to begin with, so the desire to switch all my product out and find natural alternatives for them is just not there.  Small, easy changes is key for me.  So when I heard good things about Weleda natural deodorant, I thought I’d give it a try.

I found mine at the grocery store for $12.  There were three different scents, and the Wild Rose one I chose was a dollar or two more than the others, but it was the only scent I liked, so, decision made.  It smells just like it says — a pleasant, light rose scent.

The first thing to note about this deodorant is that it is, obviously, a spray.  I wasn’t sure what that would be like — I was afraid it would get all over the place, either from spraying, or running on my skin once I’d sprayed it.  I’ve since learned that the key is to spray it generally close to your skin — it gets right where you want it and dries quickly.  I’ve also had the bottle for a good two months, and as you can see, very little is used up.  While it was about three times more expensive than my usual deodorant, I would guess that it will last about twice as long, making the price difference not as dramatic.

Now, for the ultimate question — does it work?  My initial reaction to that question is a solid YES.  On normal work days, hanging out at home days, works great.  Works great through a workout — and I’d say I work out generally hard?  Sweat is running, let’s just leave it at that.  I’ve been happy with how well it works.

The only time I noticed that it wasn’t working so nicely was when I got home from shooting a wedding.  This was a Wisconsin April wedding, so it was snowing outside, but warm inside.  Every time I came inside(which was a lot, we’re running inside and out all day) I’d overheat and just start sweating before I’d get all my layers off and be comfortable again.  This start-stop sweating situation proved to be hard on the deodorant — I noticed my top was a bit fragrant in the underarm area as I took it off.  Not probably so much so that the people near me for dinner noticed, but I’m sure my husband would have if I hadn’t jumped in the shower moments after getting home.  Makes me leary for the 90+ degree days that may come this summer — I’ll probably rely on my travel Dove deodorant for those days.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this deodorant.  Except for extreme situations, it works, and it makes me feel better about what I’m putting on my body.

Have you tried natural deodorants?  What have you found?

outfit :: stripes and grid

grey et al stripes on grid 1grey et al stripes and grid 2 grey et al stripes and grid 3 grey et al stripes and grid 4 grey et al stripes and grid 5 grey et al stripes and grid 7Top: GAP — similar here
Pants: GAP — similar here
Heels: Nine West
Jacket: Ruff Hewn
Necklace: Baublebar

Where: to church and lunch

Why: Honestly, the reason this outfit came about was hairy legs.  I had wanted to wear a skirt as temperatures were finally cooperating, but my legs were not yet spring ready, so pants it was!  I wore a lighter sweater than I wore here and added a jean jacket to stay warm.  The shoes handled my desire for bright colors and voila — a spring-appropriate-yet-legs-covered outfit!

boyfriend jeans three ways

grey et al boyfriend jeans three ways 1Earlier this year I invested in my first pair of “expensive” jeans.  Obviously everyone’s definition of expensive is quite different, and I bought mine at 50% off, but still, jeans, expensive, fancy, nice.  I love those jeans, they do wonderful things for my butt and are super comfortable.  But they’re skinny jeans.  And do you know what’s just plain old more comfortable than skinny jeans?  Boyfriend jeans.  Boyfriend jeans are where it’s at for me.  I picked these up through some major sale/couponage for $5.  And I can’t. stop. wearing them.  Luckily, they can be worn in a multitude of ways, so I haven’t looked the same yet.  Here are a few of my favorite ways to wear them.grey et al boyfriend jeans three ways 2 grey et al boyfriend jeans three ways 3 grey et al boyfriend jeans three ways 4 grey et al boyfriend jeans three ways 5 grey et al boyfriend jeans three ways 6 Top: Anthropologie
Blazer: Calvin Klein — similar here
Clutch: Target — similar here
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Lips: MAC’s Up The Amp
Rings: Catbird

Dress those babies up!  With heels and a blazer, boyfriend jeans are totally appropriate for going out with friends, a date night, or even causal Fridays at work.grey et al boyfriend jeans three ways 7 grey et al boyfriend jeans three ways 8 grey et al boyfriend jeans three ways 9 grey et al boyfriend jeans three ways 10 grey et al boyfriend jeans three ways 11Sweatshirt: J.Crew
Scarf: Express
Heels: Target — similar here
Lips: Flower Beauty’s Rose Bud

Keep the comfortable theme by adding an embellished sweatshirt, but add pumps to feel more polished.  I would wear this to the studio, grabbing lunch or coffee with friends, or even for some errand running since these thick heeled pumps are super comfortable!grey et al boyfriend jeans three ways 12 grey et al boyfriend jeans three ways 13 grey et al boyfriend jeans three ways 14 grey et al boyfriend jeans three ways 15 grey et al boyfriend jeans three ways 16Jacket: GAP — similar here
Shirt: GAP
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Lips: Maybelline Color Elixir Captivating Carnation

Or, if you want to be totally chill, throw on some fancy sneakers, grab a white t shirt and call it good.  This is a great weekend look, hanging out for a ball game, going shopping(hello easy to get on/off for trying on) or getting things done at home, without the sneaks.

How would you wear boyfriend jeans?

product :: bobbi brown corrector and concealer

About six months ago now I purchased my first Bobbi Brown product, the Long Wear Foundation.  I’ve really enjoyed using that, so when we were in Arizona and I had access to a Bobbi Brown counter I decided to pick up the Corrector and Creamy Concealer Kit.grey et al bobbi brown concealer and corrector 4The Corrector is a smooth cream specially tinted to combat dark circles.  grey et al bobbi brown concealer and corrector 2The Creamy Concealer Kit has two parts, the concealer that is indeed creamy and pigmented, and the Sheer Finish Pressed Powder for setting that’s impossibly light. grey et al bobbi brown concealer and correctorgrey et al bobbi brown concealer and corrector 3I had read up on them before our trip and knew that they’re meant to be used together under the eye, layered on top of each other.  First the corrector, to combat dark circles, then the concealer over top to lock in coverage and blend with your skin tone, and finishing with the light powder to set.  At the counter, the artist put the products on me(with a small, flat brush like this) as I just described.  I must say, at first, it feels like a lot.  It took a little getting used to, but the results are good.  The coverage is perfect, and it lasted all day.  I did have a few issues with creasing, which the setting powder is supposed to resolve, but they’re barely noticeable and easily fixable with a quick pat with the pad of your finger.  I also do use the Creamy Concealer Kit on blemishes or redness — works just as well as it does under the eyes!

Still, though, on days when I want a lighter makeup look, I’m not going to wear both on top of each other.  I do still use them separately on those days though, just the Corrector under my eyes, and the Creamy Concealer Kit where needed, sometimes with the setting powder, sometimes without.  Sometimes just those two products and some good blending is all I need, sometimes I choose to add a tinted moisterizer to even out my overall skin tone.

Overall, I’ve found these two products to be a welcome, useful addition to my collection.  Would you wear two under eye products?  What’s your favorite concealer?

outfit: navy plaid

grey et al navy plaid 1grey et al navy plaid 2grey et al navy plaid 3grey et al navy plaid 4grey et al navy plaid 5grey et al navy plaid 6grey et al navy plaid 7Top: Target
Pants: Target
Blazer: Target — similar here
Pumps: Target — similar here
Necklace: Jessica Simpson
Rings: Catbird
Lips: NARS Red Square

Where: to church

Why: I picked up these pants and top at Target a while ago on clearance(though they’re not now online) envisioning wearing them together with my silver pumps.  I got impatient waiting for temperatures to cooperate, so I added the blazer to make it more appropriate and went for it last weekend.

Taking pictures for a blog is a strange thing — often it’s in public with lots of staring, and we’ve even had our neighbor lady stand in her doorway and watch the. whole. time.  Normally Ross laughs while I squirm, but at this particular location the roles were reversed.  I liked these stairs so I convinced him to pull into a slightly sketch Motel 6 and he was terribly uncomfortable while I set the camera, eyeing the people who were eyeing us from the second story:poo!That picture cracks me up!  Glancing over his shoulder, biting his lip, so uncomfortable.  We took pictures quickly and hit the road.